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Dtsch Arztebl Int 2016; 113(22-23)

06 June 2016


Telephone Consultation

What standards should apply?
Eichler, M; Blettner, M

Original article

The Foundation in Evidence of Medical and Dental Telephone Consultations

Albrecht, M; Isenbeck, F; Kasper, J; Mühlhauser, I; Steckelberg, A

Original article

Psychopharmacological Prescriptions in Children and Adolescents in Germany

A Nationwide Analysis of Over 4 Million Statutorily Insured Individuals From 2004 to 2012
Abbas, S; Ihle, P; Adler, J; Engel, S; Günster, C; Linder, R; Lehmkuhl, G; Schubert, I


Additional Investigations

Kiesewetter, H


In Reply

Bergmann, F

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