Aufstand Kassenärzte

Aufstand Kassenärzte

Nach den Klinikärzten gehen nun auch die Niedergelassenen auf die Straße: Kassenärzte protestieren gegen Honorarverluste, Arzneiregresse, Bürokratie und politische Gängelung.

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am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009 um 19:12

give me your number!

i want your mobile number and timing so that i called you.
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am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009 um 19:14

i want your number

give me your mobile number! and timing when i can call me?
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am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009 um 19:51

Hey jetfriend,

Borat wants your number...
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am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009 um 21:02
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geändert am 29.07.2009 21:12:37

never my cell phone number

i want your mobile number and timing so that i called you.
Working in another region is a challange. I can give you some ideas, but the driving force is YOUR passion, your determination to reach this.

And: I am not a nanny. You should use your computer, google or start with the link, I gave you. I can not provide support for a migrational procedure.

doubts are normal in the process of migration and immigration, and normally, they may arise again , even if you are settled in another country.

If your German is not sufficient enough to read the bundesaerztekammer homeage, your are not eligible for a § 10 certificate in my opinion.

Language in Germany is German, ad so will your teaching be held in German. Exeptions from he role: students from abroad for a shorter visit, but this is not the teachingyou mentioned? And I think your English is not sufficient for advanced medical training too.

If you have some more detailed questions, ask here again.

btw: what about your English and what about the DAAD man in Kazan? These questions remain open.
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am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009 um 22:20

come on! help by means humanity!

look, i am going to do it on myself. i just need a support by word and something called psychological. if you speak about my english the thing is not about i am poor in english but, if you have seen that attentively all of my post was not well organised and my thought were random, because of lot of pressure and random fast thought my english was out of control, may be right now also it is the same, otherwise i think my whole life and schooling was in english, still my education is in english. if you ask about DAAD here in kazan, then i have mate the thilo zinker here in kazan, and he just can't help me in this matter that i have come to know, so there is no point. i am just expecting your positive answer. it wont look more cultural for myself but then also i am asking if possible please help, what matter if it is about migration, i just need guideline and thats it. my own expense i, myself suppose to do. so i ask you the kind request please do help me. if there any condition from your side i am ready to accept, but i come to know that if i want this means medical residency in germany at any cost then i need the perfect way and proper work,luck and money thats for sure. thats why i am asking by the way i am ready to work hard, economically i am ready just need kind of support... so please think about it, and again i request that please do help me! thank you very much...

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