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Review article

The Use of Activated Charcoal to Treat Intoxications

Zellner, T; Prasa, D; Färber, E; Hoffmann-Walbeck, P; Genser, D; Eyer, F

Clinical Snapshot

“Cerebral Heartbreak”

Kremmyda, O; Strupp, M

Complete Cast of the Bronchial Tree

Parsch, W; Welker, J; Ficker, J H

Blue Blister on Forearm

Yousefi, O; Herold, J; Bauersachs, R

Original article

The Postoperative Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents with Craniopharyngioma

Results of a prospective multicenter study
Eveslage, M; Calaminus, G; Warmuth-Metz, M; Kortmann, R; Pohl, F; Timmermann, B; Schuhmann, M U; Flitsch, J; Faldum, A; Müller, H L

Original article

Lung biopsy without pleural drainage

A randomized study of a commonly performed video-thoracoscopic procedure
Lesser, T; Doenst, T; Lehmann, T; Mukdessi, J

Clinical Snapshot

Urolithiasis as extra-articular manifestation of axial spondyloarthritis

Kasper, J; Kröncke, T; Schwarz, F

Discreet nail pigmentation as sign of early melanoma

Oberhoff, M; Oberhoff, A; Blum, A

Original article

Measures to avoid coercion in psychiatry and their efficacy

Hirsch, S; Steinert, T

Clinical Snapshot

Skin discoloration following total knee replacement

Citak, M; Gehrke, T; Aljawabra, A

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