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Review article

Chronic Headache Due to Overuse of Analgesics and Anti-Migraine Agents

Diener, H; Holle, D; Dresler, T; Gaul, C

Strategies for Treating Scoliosis in Early Childhood

Ridderbusch, K; Spiro, A S; Kunkel, P; Grolle, B; Stücker, R; Rupprecht, M

Clinical Snapshot

Intractable Postoperative Lymphatic Fistula with Impaired Wound Healing

Sommer, C M; Goerig, C; Richter, G M

Original article

The Quality of Informed Consent Forms

A systematic review and critical analysis
Lühnen, J; Mühlhauser, I; Steckelberg, A

In Reply

Hanefeld, C

Original article

Second malignancies following childhood cancer treatment in Germany from 1980 to 2014

A registry-based analysis
Scholz-Kreisel, P; Kaatsch, P; Spix, C; Schmidberger, H; Marron, M; Grabow, D; Becker, C; Blettner, M

Frequent adverse drug reactions, and medication groups under suspicion

A descriptive analysis based on spontaneous reports to the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices from 1978–2016
Dubrall, D; Schmid, M; Alešik, E; Paeschke, N; Stingl, J; Sachs, B

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