DÄ internationalArchive19/2008Congenital Heart Disease in Pregnancy

Review article

Congenital Heart Disease in Pregnancy

Dtsch Arztebl Int 2008; 105(19): 347-54. DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2008.0347

Uebing, A; Gatzoulis, M A; Kaisenberg, C v; Kramer, H; Strauss, A

For technical reasons, the English full text will be published approximately two weeks after the German print edition has been published.

Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Klinik für Kinderkardiologie, Campus Kiel: Dr. med. Uebing, Prof. Dr. med. Kramer; Adult Congenital Heart Disease Unit, Royal Brompton Hospital, Sydney Street, London SW 3 6NP, Großbritannien: Prof. Dr. med. Gatzoulis; Universitätsklinik Schleswig-Holstein, Klinik für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe, Campus Kiel: PD Dr. med. von Kaisenberg, Prof. Dr. med. Strauss
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