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Dtsch Arztebl Int 2018; 115(6)

09 February 2018


Progress in recognizing and treating polyneuropathy

Kieseier, B C; Hartung, H

Clinical Snapshot

Rumpel–Leede sign after coronary angiography

Rattka, M; Rottbauer, W

Review article


Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment options
Sommer, C; Geber, C; Young, P; Forst, R; Birklein, F; Schoser, B

Clinical Snapshot

Nonspecific lower abdominal pain?

Klein, M; Wulbrand, C; Neumaier, U

Review article

Hereditary neuropathies

Clinical presentation and genetic panel diagnosis
Eggermann, K; Gess, B; Häusler, M; Weis, J; Hahn, A; Kurth, I

Clinical Snapshot

Oxygen-resistant “cyanosis” after sun exposure

Sayk, F; Grusnick, H; Weil, J

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