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Specialitis: Primary Care Medicine


Second-degree burns after the application of a mustard-and-honey body wrap

Dtsch Arztebl Int 2017; 114(29-30): 496; DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0496, DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0496
Original article

Aspirin Before Elective Surgery—Stop or Continue?

A single-center cross-sectional study
Dtsch Arztebl Int 2017; 114(27-28): 473-80; DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0473, DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0473
Clinical Practice Guideline

Supportive Treatments for Patients with Cancer

Dtsch Arztebl Int 2017; 114(27-28): 481-7; DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0481, DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0481
Original article

Strength Training for Women as a Vehicle for Health Promotion at Work

A systematic literature review
Dtsch Arztebl Int 2017; 114(26): 439-46; DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0439, DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0439
Clinical Practice Guideline

Methamphetamine-Related Disorders

Dtsch Arztebl Int 2017; 114(26): 455-61; DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0455, DOI: 10.3238/arztebl.2017.0455