Dtsch Arztebl Int 2009; 106(19)

08 May 2009

Review article

Binge Drinking in Childhood and Adolescence

Epidemiology, Consequences, and Interventions
Stolle, M; Sack, P; Thomasius, R

Original article

Cowpox Virus Infection in Pet Rat Owners

Not Always Immediately Recognized
Becker, C; Kurth, A; Hessler, F; Kramp, H; Gokel, M; Hoffmann, R; Kuczka, A; Nitsche, A

Review article

Confidence Interval or P-Value? Part 4 of a Series on Evaluation of Scientific Publications

Prel, J d; Hommel, G; Röhrig, B; Blettner, M
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