Dtsch Arztebl Int 2015; 112(10)

06 March 2015

Original article

Aggression and Violence Against Primary Care Physicians

a Nationwide Questionnaire Survey
Vorderwülbecke, F; Feistle, M; Mehring, M; Schneider, A; Linde, K

Clinical Practice Guideline

Preventing Inadvertent Perioperative Hypothermia

Torossian, A; Bräuer, A; Höcker, J; Bein, B; Wulf, H; Horn, EP


Far Removed From Patients

von Wichert, P

Significance of the Respiratory Rate in Emergency Medicine

Hortmann, M; Nickel, C H; Bingisser, R; Christ, M

In Reply

Strauß, R

Positive Psychological Effects

Penna, V; Torio-Padron, N; Stark, G B

Different Procedures Should Be on Offer

Hernekamp, JF; Kremer, T; Kneser, U; Heil, J; Sohn, C

In Reply

Feiten, S; Dünnebacke, J; Weide, R
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