Dtsch Arztebl Int 2017; 114(10)

10 March 2017

Original article

The Quality of Postoperative Pain Therapy in German Hospitals

The effect of structural and procedural variables
Meißner, W; Komann, M; Erlenwein, J; Stamer, U; Scherag, A

Clinical Snapshot

Iatrogenic Anticholinergic Overdose

Dodt, C

Original article

Mental Disorders in People Affected by Thalidomide

A cross-sectional study of prevalence and psychosocial needs
Niecke, A; Peters, K; Samel, C; Forster, K; Lüngen, M; Pfaff, H; Albus, C


Laboratory Monitoring Needs to Be Improved

Ostendorf, N

In Reply

Maegele, M

Additional Risks

Sattler, T; Sattler, D

In Reply

Dahouk, S A

Acquired Angioedema

Göring, HD

In Reply

Jungmann, S
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