Dtsch Arztebl Int 2018; 115(15)

13 April 2018

Original article

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) and Emergencies

The prevalence of suspected ADR in four emergency departments in Germany
Schurig, A M; Böhme, M; Just, K S; Scholl, C; Dormann, H; Plank-Kiegele, B; Seufferlein, T; Gräff, I; Schwab, M; Stingl, J C

Rejection Prophylaxis in Corneal Transplant

A randomized study of HLA matching (the FANCY study)
Böhringer, D; Grotejohann, B; Ihorst, G; Reinshagen, H; Spierings, E; Reinhard, T

Clinical Snapshot

Non-Uremic Calciphylaxis

Holtsche, M M; Zillikens, D; Shimanovich, I


Palliative Care as an Area of Conflict

Fehlings, F

In Reply

Wehkamp, KH
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