Dtsch Arztebl Int 2018; 115(16)

20 April 2018

Review article

The Treatment of Primary Arthritis of the Finger and Thumb Joint

Spies, C K; Langer, M; Hahn, P; Müller, L P; Unglaub, F

Clinical Snapshot

A Fall With Consequences

Id, D; Grotherr, P; Schmitt, C

Review article

The Risks Associated With Obesity in Pregnancy

Stubert, J; Reister, F; Hartmann, S; Janni, W


CT-Guided Pelvic Osteosynthesis

Reuther, G

In Reply

Oberkircher, L

In Reply

Prien, P

Clinical Snapshot

Ocular Ochronosis

Rohrbach, J M; Röck, D

A “Starry-Sky” Chest X-Ray

Lindner, A; Härer, J; Stocker, H
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