Dtsch Arztebl Int 2018; 115(42)

19 October 2018

Original article

The Conservative Treatment of Traumatic Thoracolumbar Vertebral Fractures

A systematic review
Spiegl, U J; Fischer, K; Schmidt, J; Schnoor, J; Delank, S; Josten, C; Schulte, T; Heyde, C

Clinical Practice Guideline

Obesity Surgery and the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases

Dietrich, A; Aberle, J; Wirth, A; Müller-Stich, B; Schütz, T; Tigges, H

Clinical Snapshot

Adhesions and Abdominal Pain

Ileal perforation by a sharp ingested foreign body with mechanical erosion at the base of the appendix
Strohäker, J; Bachmann, R


Monitoring Sterile Pacemaker Implants

Dunkelberg, H

In Reply

Döring, M

In Reply

Böhm, R; Proksch, E; Cascorbi, I; Schwarz, T

Clinical Snapshot

Tuberculous Tenosynovitis

Brehm, T T; Schmiedel, S; Addo, M M

Crazy Paving Pattern

Lussi, C; Christ, M; Flömer, F
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