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Dtsch Arztebl Int 2019; 116(12)

22 March 2019


Exome Sequencing and Molecular Diagnosis

Does It Help Patients and Their Families?
Graf, W D

Original article

Exome Sequencing in Children

Undiagnosed developmental delay and neurological illness
Mahler, E A; Johannsen, J; Tsiakas, K; Kloth, K; Lüttgen, S; Mühlhausen, C; Alhaddad, B; Haack, T B; Strom, T M; Kortüm, F; Meitinger, T; Muntau, A C; Santer, R; Kubisch, C; Lessel, D; Denecke, J; Hempel, M

Review article

Coronary Angiography With Pressure Wire and Fractional Flow Reserve

State of the art in the diagnosis of coronary stenosis
Gaede, L; Möllmann, H; Rudolph, T; Rieber, J; Boenner, F; Tröbs, M

Clinical Snapshot

Cervical Emphysema in Boerhaave Syndrome

Swol, J; Ficker, J H; Mannke, B
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