Dtsch Arztebl Int 2019; 116(19)

10 May 2019

Original article

Lung Bioposy Without Pleural Drainage

A randomized study of a commonly performed video-thoracoscopic procedure
Lesser, T; Doenst, T; Lehmann, T; Mukdessi, J

Clinical Snapshot

Urolithiasis as Extra-articular Manifestation of Axial Spondyloarthritis

Kasper, J; Kröncke, T; Schwarz, F

Distinct Nail Pigmentation as Sign of Early Melanoma

Oberhoff, M; Oberhoff, A; Blum, A

Original article

Measures to Avoid Coercion in Psychiatry and Their Efficacy

Hirsch, S; Steinert, T

Clinical Snapshot

Skin Discoloration Following Total Knee Replacement

Citak, M; Gehrke, T; Aljawabra, A


Critical Comments

Berghoff, W; Weitkus, B; Hopf-Seidel, P; Steiner, C


Haufs, M

In Reply

Rauer, S

In Reply

Denkinger, D; Dallmeier, D
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