Dtsch Arztebl Int 2019; 116(23-24)

10 June 2019

Original article

Mortality and Medical Comorbidity in the Severely Mentally Ill

A German registry study
Schneider, F; Erhart, M; Hewer, W; Loeffler, L A; Jacobi, F

Clinical Snapshot

Neuroborreliosis as a Rare Cause of Myelitis in Childhood

Nourkami-Tutdibi, N; Meyer, S; Yilmaz, U

An Unusual Cause of Hip Pain

Lange, U; Müller-Ladner, U

Original article

Strategies for Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates in Patients with Chronic Renal Disease

Results from two randomized controlled trials and a prospective interventional study
Schulte, K; Schierke, H; Tamayo, M; Hager, L; Engehausen, R; Raspe, M; Hübner, RH; Schlieper, G; Borzikowsky, C; Urbschat, A; Auerswald, S; Kunzendorf, U; Feldkamp, T


Skewed Recommendations Due to Conflicts of Interest

Schott, G; Schurig, N; Wille, H

In Reply

Beyer-Westendorf, J

Treatment of Adults by Pediatric Cardiologists

Freund, M; Motz, R; Kronberg, K

In Reply

Huber, M; Dormann, H
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