Dtsch Arztebl Int 2019; 116(25)

21 June 2019

Review article

The Use of Biological Heart Valves: Types of Prosthesis, Durability and Complications

Types of prosthesis, durability and complications
Kueri, S; Kari, F A; Fuentes, R A; Sievers, H; Beyersdorf, F; Bothe, W

Clinical Snapshot

Transvenous Migration of a Puncture Needle into the Pulmonary Trunk

Kreibich, M; Beyersdorf, F; Rylski, B

Aspect of Reimbursement

Karsten, K; Martin, R; Hausdorf, J; Gerdesmeyer, L

In Reply

Gutteck, N

Clinical Snapshot

Marked Cutaneous Manifestation of Florid Endocarditis

Immohr, M B; Aubin, H; Ramadani, B

In Reply

Erley, C


Toxoplasmosis in Germany: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Risk Factors, and Treatment

Pleyer, U; Groß, U; Schlüter, D; Wilking, H; Seeber, F