Dtsch Arztebl Int 2019; 116(42)

18 October 2019

Original article

The Efficacy and Evidence-Based Use of Biologics in Children and Adolescents

Using monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins as treatments
Niehues, T; Özgür, T T

The Frequency and Timing of Recurrent Stroke

An analysis of routine health insurance data
Stahmeyer, J T; Stubenrauch, S; Geyer, S; Weissenborn, K; Eberhard, S


Additional Clinical Aspects

Seydel, J

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Pleyer, U

Clinical Snapshot

Furuncular Myiasis Caused by Mango Fly Larvae

Wendt, S; Trawinski, H; Lübbert, C


Terminology Should be Better Explained

Brinkers, M

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Roenneberg, C
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