Dtsch Arztebl Int 2020; 117(12)

20 March 2020


Creating Necessary Structures

The need to work across sectoral boundaries
Welte, T

Clinical Snapshot

Distal Phototoxic Onycholysis

Czap, C; Weckopp, S

Original article

Prolonged Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation: Results from Specialized Weaning Centers

A registry-based study from the WeanNet Initiative
Windisch, W; Dellweg, D; Geiseler, J; Westhoff, M; Pfeifer, M; Suchi, S; Schönhofer, B

Weaning from Invasive Ventilation in Specialist Centers Following Primary Weaning Failure

A prospective multi-center study of weanability in patients receiving prolonged domiciliary ventilation
Bornitz, F; Ewert, R; Knaak, C; Magnet, F S; Windisch, W; Herth, F


Supplementary Methodological and Clinical Aspects

Eyding, J; Bartig, D; Weber, R; Hacke, W; Krogias, C

In Reply

Stahmeyer, J T

Clinical Snapshot

Unusual Initial Manifestation of a Pancreatic Tumor

Jaax, M E; Kaczmarek, P M; Empen, K
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