Dtsch Arztebl Int 2020; 117(21)

22 May 2020

Original article

Vaccine-Preventable Infections in Childcare Workers

A Systematic Review and Analysis of the DEGS1 Study and of Notifiable Disease Surveillance Data
Kofahl, M; Starke, K R; Hellenbrand, W; Freiberg, A; Schubert, M; Schmauder, S; Groß, M L; Hegewald, J; Kämpf, D; Stranzinger, J; Nienhaus, A; Seidler, A


Hospital Admission in Children and Adolescents With COVID-19

Early results from a national survey conducted by the German Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (DGPI)
Armann, J P; Simon, A; Diffloth, N; Doenhardt, M; Hufnagel, M; Trotter, A; Schneider, D; Hübner, J; Berner, R

In Reply

Höck, A


The Treatment of Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction

Berliner, D; Hänselmann, A; Bauersachs, J
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