Dtsch Arztebl Int 2020; 117(27-28)

06 July 2020

Original article

Forced Centralized Allocation of Patients to Temporarily ‘Closed’ Emergency Departments

Data From a German City
Rittberg, W; Pflüger, P; Ledwoch, J; Katchanov, J; Steinbrunner, D; Bogner-Flatz, V; Spinner, C D; Kanz, K; Dommasch, M

Challenges in the Transition from In-Patient to Out-Patient Treatment in Depression

An Analysis of Administrative Health Care Data From a Large German Health Insurer
Wiegand, H F; Saam, J; Marschall, U; Chmitorz, A; Kriston, L; Berger, M; Lieb, K; Hölzel, L P

Review article

Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension

Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment
Urbach, H; Fung, C; Dovi-Akue, P; Lützen, N; Beck, J

Clinical Snapshot

Emphysematous Cystitis

Kloth, C; Bedke, J; Preibsch, H


The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown on Routine Hospital Care for Other Illnesses

Kuhlen, R; Winklmair, C; Schmithausen, D; Schick, J; Scriba, P

In Reply

Gutt, C N
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