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Dtsch Arztebl Int 2020; 117(47)

20 November 2020

Review article

Computer-Assisted Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery

Stübig, T; Windhagen, H; Krettek, C; Ettinger, M

Clinical Practice Guideline

Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up in Extracranial Carotid Stenosis

Eckstein, H; Kühnl, A; Berkefeld, J; Lawall, H; Storck, M; Sander, D

Clinical Snapshot

Treatment-Refractory Canaliculitis

Schittkowski, M P; Horn, M

Numb Chin in Sickle Cell Anemia During Pregnancy

Wolf, B; Gräfe, D; Stepan, H


COVID-19 —Analysis of Incident Cases Reported Within the German Healthcare System

Kramer, R; Diercke, M; Klingeberg, A; Claus, H; Hecht, J; Abu Sin, M; Eckmanns, T; Haller, S
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