Dtsch Arztebl Int 2021; 118(1-2)

11 January 2021

Clinical Practice Guideline

Recommendations on Inpatient Treatment of Patients With COVID-19

Kluge, S; Janssens, U; Spinner, C D; Pfeifer, M; Marx, G; Karagiannidis , C


Silent Hypoxemia of COVID-19 Pneumonia: Typical Courses With Implications for Outpatient Care

Miller, C; Adler, C; Stangl, R; Strohm, M; Bernardo, C; Lechleuthner, A; Viethen, A

Antibiotic Therapy

Becker, P; Schilling, D

In Reply

Schreckenbach, T

In Reply

Berliner, D; Bauersachs, J
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