Dtsch Arztebl Int 2021; 118(24)

18 June 2021

Original article

Diabetes in the Hospital

A Nationwide Analysis of All Hospitalized Cases in Germany With and Without Diabetes, 2015–2017
Auzanneau, M; Fritsche, A; Icks, A; Siegel, E; Kilian, R; Karges, W; Lanzinger, S; Holl, R W

Review article

Bullous Autoimmune Dermatoses

Clinical Features, Diagnostic Evaluation, and Treatment Options
van Beek, N; Zillikens, D; Schmidt, E

Research letter

Early Immunosuppression in Children and Adolescents With Crohn’s Disease

Data From the CEDATA GPGE Registry
de Laffolie, J; Zimmer, K; Sohrabi, K; Hauer, A C


Radiosurgical Methods

Boström, J P

In Reply

May, A