Dtsch Arztebl Int 2021; 118(35-36)

06 September 2021

Clinical Snapshot

Intrathoracic Fracture Dislocation in a Patient with Proximal Humerus Fracture

Kappel, P; Imach, S; Wafaisade, A

Review article

Multiresistant Gram-Negative Pathogens

A Zoonotic Problem
Köck, R; Herr, C; Kreienbrock, L; Schwarz, S; Tenhagen, BA; Walther, B

Original article

Fifth Metatarsal Fracture

A Systematic Review of the Treatment of Fractures of the Base of the Fifth Metatarsal Bones
Herterich, V; Baumbach, S F; Kaiser, A; Böcker, W; Polzer, H

Clinical Snapshot

Melkersson–Rosenthal Syndrome: an Unusual Cause of Facial Palsy

Lacombe, V; Urbanski, G; Lavigne, C

Research letter

Stability and Change in Self-Reported Psychosocial Stress Among Parents of Small Children

Results of the Longitudinal Study “Kinder in Deutschland – KiD 0–3”
Ulrich, S M; Löchner, J; Paul, M; Lux, U

Reasons for Outpatient Psychiatric Consultations of Unaccompanied Minor Refugees

Walg, M; Avaliani, T; Großmeier, M; Hapfelmeier, G

An Analysis of the Care Structure for Congenital Malformations in Germany

Elrod, J; Boettcher, M; Mohr, C; Reinshagen, K


Utility of PSMA-PET imaging

Ahmadzadehfar, H; Biersack, H J

In Reply

Knipper, S

Incomplete Description

Lieber, A; Scheuermann-Poley, C

In Reply

Klein-Weigel, P
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