Dtsch Arztebl Int 2021; 118(43)

29 October 2021

Original article

Health Literacy in Germany: Findings of a Representative Follow-up Survey

Findings of a representative follow-up survey
Schaeffer, D; Berens, E; Vogt, D; Gille, S; Griese, L; Klinger, J; Hurrelmann, K

Clinical Snapshot

WEBINO Syndrome Caused by Bilateral Pontine Microhemorrhages

Petrik, S; Lambeck, J; Bardutzky, J

Clinical Practice Guideline

Total Hip Replacement for Osteoarthritis

Evidence-Based and Patient-Oriented Indications
Günther, K; Deckert, S; Lützner, C; Lange, T; Schmitt, J; Postler, A

Clinical Snapshot

Perianal Localized Nevus Lipomatosus Cutaneus Superficialis

Zhou, X; Liu, S; Liu, Y

Research letter

Health Status of the Homeless in Frankfurt

Goetzens, M; Speck, C; Shah, P M


One-Sided Recommendations

Egidi, G

In Reply

Genz, C; Braun-Dullaeus, R C

Clinical Snapshot

Parasitic Worms in the Appendix

Incidental Finding of Concomitant Schistosomiasis in Suspected and Confirmed Endometriosis
Hussein, K; Kreipe, H; Christgen, M
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