Dtsch Arztebl Int 2022; 119(6)

11 February 2022

Review article

The Safety of Antirheumatic Drugs

Mucke, J; Simon, H; Burmester, G R

Clinical Snapshot

Synovial Chondromatosis—Reichel Syndrome

Traub, F; Farah, G; Kreitner, K

Review article

Paradoxical Reactions to Biologicals in Chronic Inflammatory Systemic Diseases

Kremenevski, I; Sander, O; Sticherling, M; Raithel, M

Clinical Snapshot

A Rare Case of Barotrauma Caused by Coughing

Strohäker, J; Bongers, M; Bachmann, R

Research letter

Developments in the Range of Activities of Medical Incident Officers in the Urban Setting

A Retrospective Analysis of the Emergency Responses of the Hamburg Fire Department’s Medical Incident Officers
Stuhr, M; Hinz, P; Haedge, F; Wirtz, S; Kerner, T


Consider Smaller Spatial Units

von Giesen, H; Moll, J

In Reply

Grau, A J
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