Dtsch Arztebl Int 2022; 119(13)

01 April 2022

Clinical Practice Guideline

Chronic Tinnitus: Diagnosis and Treatment

Mazurek, B; Hesse, G; Dobel, C; Kratzsch, V; Lahmann, C; Sattel, H

Clinical Snapshot

Necrotizing Myositis in a Patient With Capillary Leak Syndrome

Schmitz, P; Meyringer, H; Zellner, J

Research letter

The State of Parents’ Knowledge About COVID-19 Vaccination in Children

Prerequisites and approaches for raising the willingness to vaccinate in Germany
Muschalik, C; Orth, B; Merkel, C; De Bock, F; von Rüden, U


Open Questions

Rödl, R

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Seeliger, S

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Ullrich, H

Susac Syndrome

Krämer, M; Dörr, J; Ringelstein, M; Krämer, B; Groß, C; Kleffner, I

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Eren, O E; Wilhelm, H; Schankin, C J; Straube, A

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Rupp, M

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Hugo, C

Clinical Resistance to Therapy

Lehmann, P; Mang, R; Assmann, T; Kremer, A

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Sunderkötter, C


Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

Bernhardt, A M; Schrage, B; Schroeder, I; Trummer, G; Westermann, D; Reichenspurner, H