Dtsch Arztebl Int 2022; 119(50)

16 December 2022

Original article

The Mental and Physical Health of the Homeless

Evidence From the National Survey on Psychiatric and Somatic Health of Homeless Individuals (the NAPSHI Study)
Bertram, F; Hajek, A; Dost, K; Graf, W; Brennecke, A; Kowalski, V; van Rüth, V; König, HH; Wulff, B; Ondruschka, B; Püschel, K; Heinrich, F

Clinical Snapshot

Chronic Leriche Syndrome with Prominent Right Testicular Artery

Guenther, J; Rother, U; Wiesmueller, M

Original article

Nonunions and Their Operative Treatment

A DRG-based epidemiological analysis for the years 2007–2019 in Germany
Reeh, F M; Sachse, S; Wedekind, L; Hofmann, G O; Lenz, M

Clinical Snapshot

Unusual Mucosal Spots in Adulthood

Yilmaz, K; Anemüller, W

Research letter

Community Care Points—Awareness Levels and Utilization

Kohl, R; Stumm, J; Döpfmer, S; Engelmann, F; Schnitzer, S

Clinical Snapshot

Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis

Hansen, I; Booken, N; Schneider, S W

A Rare Cause of Discomfort During CT Scanning

Stroeder, J; Hasan, F; Mogadas, S
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