Dtsch Arztebl Int 2023; 120(25)

23 June 2023


Pharmacotherapy for Children and Adolescents

A Little Bit of Light at the End of the Tunnel
Weber, L T

Original article

A Complex Intervention to Prevent Medication-Related Hospital Admissions

Results of the Stepped-wedge Cluster Randomized Trial KiDSafe in Pediatrics
Neubert, A; Toni, I; König, J; Makosi, D M; Mildenberger, P; Romanos, M; Bertsche, A; Bertsche, T; Dahlem, P; Egberts, K; Erdlenbruch, B; Fekete, S; Haug, U; Horneff, G; Hübler, A; Kiess, W; Neininger, M P; Niehues, T; Sachs, B; Schettler, KF; Schreeck, F; Steimle, T; Wenzl, T; Wirth, S; Zepp, F; Schwab, M; Urschitz, M S; Rascher, W


Clinically Relevant Consequences Are Lacking

Mroczkowski, P

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Kowalski, C; Seufferlein, T; Wesselmann, S

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Janke, D


The Diagnosis and Treatment of COPD and Its Comorbidities

Kahnert, K; Jörres, R A; Behr, J; Welte, T