Dtsch Arztebl Int 2023; 120(27-28)

10 July 2023

Review article

The Quality and Utility of Artificial Intelligence in Patient Care

Wehkamp, K; Krawczak, M; Schreiber, S

Original article

Dementia in Germany: Epidemiology and Prevention Potential

Blotenberg, I; Hoffmann, W; Thyrian, J R

Research letter

Rise in Candida Auris Cases and First Nosocomial Transmissions in Germany

Aldejohann, A M; Martin, R; Hecht, J; Haller, S; Rickerts, V; Walther, G; Eckmanns, T; Kurzai, O

Primary Resistance of Viruses in Reported New Cases of HIV, 2017–2020

Findings of a Nationwide Molecular HIV Surveillance Program
Fiebig, U; Altmann, B; Hauser, A; Koppe, U; Hanke, K; Gunsenheimer-Bartmeyer, B; Bremer, V; Baumgarten, A; Bannert, N

Duration of Consultations in an Outpatient Ophthalmology Unit

A Retrospective Analysis of Potential Influencing Factors
Siegel, H; Böhringer, D; Wacker, K; Niedenhoff, P J L; Mittelviefhaus, H; Reinhard, T

Air Rescue of Patients With Acute Aortic Syndromes

An Evaluation of 3750 Mission Protocols
Greve, D; Werner, D; Stroux, A; Möckel, M; Falk, V; Kurz, S D


Additions Required

Bahm, J

Complex Pathophysiology and Differentiated Therapy

Geber, C; Casser, HR; Birklein, F

Confusing and Substantially Overinterpreted

Enax-Krumova, E; Gierthmühlen, J; Maihöfner, C; Krämer, H H; Schwarzer, A; Tegenthoff, M

In Reply

Hausteiner-Wiehle, C; Böhringer, B; Wiehle, M; Melf-Marzi, A

Clinical Snapshot

Bilateral Conjunctivitis in the Course of Monkeypox Infection

Lanzl, I; Spinner, C


A Wide Range of Eye Diseases

Tost, F

In Reply

Levin, J