DÄ International



Operative Procedures

New ways of managing frailty
Bechstein, W O; Schnitzbauer, A A

Clinical Snapshot

Late Complication After Surgical Treatment of Aortic Isthmus Stenosis

Huber, M; Wolf, M; Dormann, H

Review article

The Perioperative Care of Older Patients

Time for a new, interdisciplinary approach
Olotu, C; Weimann, A; Bahrs, C; Schwenk, W; Scherer, M; Kiefmann, R





Gynecological Causes Should Not Be Forgotten

Swalve-Bordeaux, S

Small Target Group

Uebel, T u K

In Reply

Jordan, J


Determinants of Perioperative Outcome in Frail Older Patients

Mende, A; Riegel, A; Plümer, L; Olotu, C; Goetz, A E; Kiefmann, R

Review article

Pain on the plantar surface of the foot

Gutteck, N; Schilde, S; Delank, K

The diagnosis and treatment of acute dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint

Martetschläger, F; Kraus, N; Scheibel, M; Streich, J; Venjakob, A; Maier, D

Clinical Snapshot

A large gray-blue macule on the hard palate as an adverse effect of imatinib

Lueken, N; Zutt, M; Kaune, K M

Symptomatic hypocalcemia in a male adolescent

Ergezinger, K; Siauw, C; Wirbelauer, J

Aspergillus tracheobronchitis in influenza

Frings, D P; Kluge, S; Simon, M

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