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Original article

The Impact of Cancer Screening on All-Cause Mortality

What is the best we can expect?
Stang, A; Jöckel, K

Clinical Snapshot

A Rare Type of Thyroid Mass with Acute Dyspnea

Kromrey, M; Kühn, J P; Hoene, A

Original article

Therapeutic Treatment for Abdominal Obesity in Adults

A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials
Kesztyüs, D; Erhardt, J; Schönsteiner, D; Kesztyüs, T

Antibiotic-Resistant E. coli in Uncomplicated Community-Acquired Urinary Tract Infection

A Prospective Cohort Study from 2015/16 (the SARHA Study) Compared With Data From the Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (ARS)
Klingeberg, A; Noll, I; Willrich, N; Feig, M; Emrich, D; Zill, E; Krenz-Weinreich, A; Kalka-Moll, W; Oberdorfer, K; Schmiemann, G; Eckmanns, T

Clinical Snapshot

Biotin Interference in the Measurement of Thyroid Hormone

Köhler, V F; Mann, U; Mann, W A


Drug Hypersensitivity: Diagnosis, Genetics, and Prevention

Diagnosis, genetics, and prevention
Böhm, R; Proksch, E; Schwarz, T; Cascorbi, I

Review article

Endoscopic or surgical resection for gastro-esophageal cancer

Gockel, I; Hoffmeister, A

Original article

Differences in breast cancer characteristics by mammography screening participation or non-participation

A retrospective observational study
Braun, B; Khil, L; Tio, J; Krause-Bergmann, B; Fuhs, A; Heidinger, O; Hense, H

Clinical Snapshot

Amour fou at age 77

Lüttge, A; Bschor, T

Review article

Adrenaline in the acute treatment of anaphylaxis

Ring, J; Klimek, L; Worm, M

Clinical Snapshot

Black aortic valve stenosis reveals a rare disorder of tyrosine metabolism

Diab, N; Zeh, W; Beyersdorf, F

Clinical Practice Guideline

Clinical practice guideline: Hodgkin lymphoma in adults

Diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up
Bröckelmann, P J; Eichenauer, D A; Jakob, T; Follmann, M; Engert, A; Skoetz, N

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