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Original article

Medical Treatment of COPD

An analysis of guideline-adherent prescribing in a large national cohort (COSYCONET)
Graf, J; Jörres, R A; Lucke, T; Nowak, D; Vogelmeier, C F; Ficker, J H


Biased Results Owing to Competing Interests?

Schott, G; Schurig, N

In Reply

Heine, G H

Clinical Snapshot

Massive Mucoid Impactions in a 73-Year-Old Woman

Kelterborn, J; Ghopreal, T; Harsch, I A


Supplementary Therapeutic Recommendations

Hassenpflug, W; Schneppenheim, R

In Reply

Bommer, M

Ocular Torticollis

Gorzny, F

In Reply

Ridderbusch, K

Clinical Snapshot

Deep Burns from Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal

Hammes, S; Raulin, C


The Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Ströhle, A; Gensichen, J; Domschke, K

Original article

The association between resilience and mental health in the somatically ill

A systematic review and meta-analysis
Färber, F; Rosendahl, J

Clinical Snapshot

Polymorphous light eruption mimicking Erythema multiforme

Miguel, D; Lindhaus, C

Review article

Breast implant–associated lymphoma

The diagnosis and treatment of a new disease entity
Kricheldorff, J; Fallenberg, E M; Solbach, C; Gerber-Schäfer, C; Rancsó, C; von Fritschen, U

Clinical Snapshot


Werner, R; Wöhrle, J C; Neumeister, W

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