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Review article

Acute Confusional States in Hospital

Zoremba, N; Coburn, M

Clinical Practice Guideline

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyscalculia

Haberstroh, S; Schulte-Körne, G

In Reply

Chakraborty, T

Prolonging Influence on Length of Stay

Jungen, T; Stausberg, J; Scheu, C

In Reply

Bickel, H

Clinical Snapshot

Paraspinal Compartment Syndrome

An insidious cause of acute back pain
Zyskowski, M; Schwarz, A; Huber-Wagner, S

Review article

Checkpoint inhibitors

The diagnosis and treatment of side effects
Heinzerling, L; de Toni, E; Schett, G; Hundorfean, G; Zimmer, L

Original article

The effectiveness of an internet intervention aimed at reducing alcohol consumption in adults

Results of a randomized controlled trial (Vorvida)
Zill, J M; Christalle, E; Meyer, B; Härter, M; Dirmaier, J

Clinical Snapshot

Bullous contact dermatitis following a henna tattoo

An unwanted vacation souvenir
Freitag, A P; Jalali, B K; Kreuter, A

Recurring fever

Casteleyn, V; Höppner, J

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