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Original article

Superficial Surgical Site Infection Following the Use of Intracutaneous Sutures Versus Staples

A randomized single-center trial in an elective gastrointestinal surgery setting
Maurer, E; Reuss, A; Maschuw, K; Aminossadati, B; Neubert, T; Schade-Brittinger, C; Bartsch, D K

Clinical Snapshot

Weeping Erythematous Lesion of the Penis

Streit, E; Alt, C


Multicenter Study

Thomas, C; Rapp, M; Sabbah, P; Eschweile, G

Preoperative Screening Required

Kratz, T; Diefenbacher, A

In Reply

Olotu, C

In Reply

Zoremba, N; Coburn, M

Clinical Snapshot

A rare cause of intestinal polyposis

Keim, V J; Goßner, L

Original article

Sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy

A retrospective cohort study of its extent and health consequences for affected minors (The MHG Study)
Dreßing, H; Dölling, D; Hermann, D; Kruse, A; Schmitt, E; Bannenberg, B; Hoell, A; Voss, E; Salize, H J

The incidence of acute kidney injury and associated hospital mortality

A retrospective cohort study of over 100 000 patients at Berlin‘s Charité hospital
Khadzhynov, D; Schmidt, D; Hardt, J; Rauch, G; Gocke, P; Eckardt, K; Schmidt-Ott, K M

Clinical Snapshot

An unusual cause of foreign body sensation in the throat

Riepl, R; Hoffmann, T K

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