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Review article

Hereditary Syndromes With Signs of Premature Aging

Lessel, D; Kubisch, C

Review article

The Systemic Treatment of Melanoma: The Place of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and the Suppression of Intracellular Signal Transduction

The place of immune checkpoint inhibitors and the suppression of intracellular signal transduction
Terheyden, P; Krackhardt, A; Eigentler, T


A Widely Accepted Definition Is Lacking

Lippi, G

In Reply

Kiefmann, R

In Reply

von Gontard, A

Clinical Snapshot

Gorham–Stout Syndrome

Schneider, K N; Andreou, D; Gosheger, G


Psychopharmacological Treatment in Older People: Avoiding Drug Interactions and Polypharmacy

Avoiding drug interactions and polypharmacy
Kratz, T; Diefenbacher, A

Original article

Projection of temperature-related myocardial infarction in Augsburg, Germany

Moving on from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Chen, K; Breitner, S; Wolf, K; Rai, M; Meisinger, C; Heier, M; Kuch, B; Peters, A; Schneide, A

Clinical Snapshot

An inferior STEMI . . . or not?

Ratzenböck, E; Kühne, M; Stalder, M

Original article

The association of climatic factors with rates of surgical site infections

17 years‘ data from hospital infection surveillance
Aghdassi, S J S; Schwab, F; Hoffmann, P; Gastmeier, P

Clinical Snapshot

Scleroderma en coup de sabre

Reschke, R; Schuster, V; Kunz, M

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