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Original article

Assisted Suicide in Switzerland

An analysis of death records from Swiss institutes of forensic medicine
Bartsch, C; Landolt, K; Ristic, A; Reisch, T; Ajdacic-Gross, V

Clinical Practice Guideline

Functional Somatic Symptoms

Roenneberg, C; Sattel, H; Schaefert, R; Henningsen, P; Hausteiner-Wiehle, C


Critical Remarks

Feldmeier, H; Richter, J; Ignatius, R

In Reply

Wendt, S; Rodloff, A C; Lübbert, C


CT-Guided Rather Than Thoracoscopic

Rott, G

In Reply

Lesser, T

Clinical Snapshot

Pneumomediastinum in a Child Following Blunt Thoracic Trauma

Heinz, P; Steinborn, M; Krohn, C


Benign Breast Disease in Women

Stachs, A; Stubert, J; Reimer, T; Hartmann, S

Original article

The use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and medicines

An estimate of consumption and substance-related disorders in Germany
Atzendorf, J; Rauschert, C; Seitz, N; Lochbühler, K; Kraus, L

Trends in substance use and related disorders

Analysis of the Epidemiological Survey of Substance Abuse 1995 to 2018
Seitz, N; Lochbühler, K; Atzendorf, J; Rauschert, C; Tim; Pfeiffer-Gerschel; Kraus, L

Work-related medical rehabilitation in cancer

A cluster-randomized multicenter study
Fauser, D; Wienert, J; Zomorodbakhsch, B; Schmielau, J; Biester, I; Krüger, H; Presl, A; Bethge, M

Review article

Central pontine myelinolysis and osmotic demyelination syndrome

Lambeck, J; Hieber, M; Dreßing, A; Niesen, W

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