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Review article

In vitro fertilization technology and child health

Risks, mechanisms and possible consequences
von Wolff, M; Haaf, T

Clinical Snapshot

Gene therapy approaches to a rare retinal disease: choroideremia

Birtel, J; Herrmann, P; Holz, F G

Review article

Fecal microbiota transfer

Reliable indications, donor screening and modes of application
Stallmach, A; Steube, A; Grunert, P; Hartmann, M; Biehl, L M; Vehreschild, M J G T

Clinical Snapshot

Gas gangrene of the gallbladder

Sommer, B; Eggstein, S


Avoiding Polypsychopharmacy

Burkhardt, R

In Reply

Kratz, T

Clinical Snapshot

Swiss cheese defect of the ventricular septum

Kloth, C; Brunner, H; Sagmeister, F


Inadequate Therapy

Klick, R

Open Questions

Lübbecke, F

Etiology Falls Short

Lichtenstein, B

In Reply

Niesen, W

Original article

The epidemiology of acute liver failure

Results of a population-based study including 25 million state-insured individuals
Weiler, N; Schlotmann, A; Schnitzbauer, A A; Zeuzem, S; Welker, M

Original article

The association between orthogeriatric co-management and mortality following hip fracture

An observational study of 58000 patients from 828 hospitals
Rapp, K; Becker, C; Todd, C; Rothenbacher, D; Schulz, C; König, H; Liener, U; Hartwig, E; Büchele, G

Clinical Snapshot

Crusted scabies

Kohn, D; Wetzig, T

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