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Review article

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Stable Coronary Heart Disease —Is Less More?

Figulla, H R; Lauten, A; Maier, L S; Sechtem, U; Silber, S; Thiele, H


Misleading Conclusion

Frille, A; Wirtz, H

In Reply

Dührsen, U

Clinical Snapshot

Recurrent Ileal Invagination in Crohn’s Disease

Görtz, R S; Atreya, R; Neurath, M F

A Fateful Trip to the Beach

Krammer, S; French, L E; Flaig, M

Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome in an Infant

Liodakis, E; Sasse, M; Hawi, N


The Treatment of Gallstone Disease

Gutt, C; Schläfer, S; Lammert, F

Review article

Amyloidosis—the diagnosis and treatment of an underdiagnosed disease

Ihne, S; Morbach, C; Sommer, C; Geier, A; Knop, S; Störk, S

Repeat radiation for local recurrence of head and neck tumors and in prostate cancer

Grün, A; Kuhnt, T; Schlomm, T; Olze, H; Budach, V; Stromberger, C

Clinical Snapshot

Sweet’s syndrome as precursor of hairy cell leukemia

Kromer, C; Schön, M P; Buhl, T

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