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Die medizinischen Versorgungszentren bieten Ärzten die Möglichkeit, im Rahmen eines Angestellten­verhält­nisses in der ambulanten Versorgung tätig zu sein, ohne die ökonomischen Risiken einer Niederlassung tragen zu müssen. Ist der Arztberuf aber dann noch einer freier Beruf?

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HELP! HELP!! Medical residency in germany at any cost !

Respected sir,

I would like to introduse myself 1st. My name is XYZ.I am a student ofmedical university, Russia. Actually i am a citizen of india and after my higher secondry education i came here for my medical studies in general medicine (M.B.B.S), So as i am a student of final year now,i am searching a university or hospital in germany; for my post graduate studies,or residency and good feture. So actually i am interested doing my post grduate,residency education in Master of surgery of Orthopedics and Trauma subject or in opthalmology, radiology in medium of ENGLISH instruction (ofcorse if possible) orelse in german language (if not possible in english), So i want all detail information about the residency education in germany. So i request to send me those all. As i am having few quiestions like Can i get admissinon in this university/hospital for post graduation or lets call residency, as above noticed subject? What will be the medium of instruction?( as i am starte to learn german language) What will be criteria of admission? What kind of document university/ hospital needs? What are the tution fees ( is it true i heard that residency is absolutly free, and i get paid descently)? What about student life? Are there any yet indian students enrolled? What about dermatory and living expance? Please tell me about the climet? Can i enroll by my self in residency corse, please will just send me some emails or related websites of hospital where they allows non EUropian student? How and all i have to being ready if i deside to continue the study in this university? which and all exams exactly i have to give, as i directed that i have to pass the german language exam ( is that toffel DAF exam? if not then please specify me) and what about state medical exam?? please have in mind that i am a russian medical diploma holder, but citizen of india. is there any your personal conact no then please leave for me because i realy need to talk to you, i am really looking forword for this...!in this whole my case, i need to know that as i mentioned above about i am a non european citizen (indian) and studing in non-eropean country (russia) so my medical diploma will be russian. that is doctor of medicine (MD) i need to come back to indian and proove my indian registration of prctice or ts really not needed to do that, just from russia i can go to germany?? if just from russia i can go to germany then what will be the procedure? i need to take test daf?? i can under go test daf here itself in russia?? i just dont now anything related the system t get enter in residency program in germany just from beging can you explain me please!? (perticullarly case like me) is there any chances to get enter? if yes then how many percent you thin for that (your pesonal opinion please) what about scolarships and any other benifits.
I am eagarly waiting for your reply so please do send me the answer. please asnwer me on [email][/email] chill :dance2:
Thanking of you,

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